Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crazy Kong and Donkey Kong 3

Since I was away last week I asked Gerard if he could throw up a video or two in his backlog. The first one up is a look at Falcon's Crazy Kong. You might notice how I use the old website address. Yeah, this one's been on the back burner for a while, so disregard the old website address, unless you want tips and tricks for shitty cell phone games.

Crazy Kong many people think is a bootleg, but Nintendo actually did license the game to Falcon to be released in other countries where Nintendo didn't have a large market. Some of these games did make it to the United States like the one above that was donated to ACAM at FunSpot. From what I was reading they used old boards from Konami's Kicker, hence why Jumpman yells, "HI-YA!!!" when he jumps. What's surprising is the game does have a cult following and people go for the world record in the game just like Donkey Kong. Also like Donkey Kong the game does have a Killscreen, but there's less levels then in the original DK.

The second up is a look at one of my personal favorites, Donkey Kong 3. The game has a lot of love/hate with folks. It's more of a shooter and not a platformer like the rest of the DK series. You play as Stanley The Bug Man (Mario's cousin in the Saturday Supercade show on CBS) and you have to fight off Donkey Kong who's just crashed through your greenhouse. The game plays like a shooter where you have to defend the rows of plants below Stanley and also have to defend yourself against the onslaught of bugs and Donkey Kong himself. I find the game to be a lot of fun, but some people don't care for it since it's the same objective in every level. Just spray DK enough till he runs away, defend the plants and you're pretty much done.

Hope you enjoyed these two videos of more in Nintendo's Donkey Kong arcade history! We've still got to do Donkey Kong Jr, but coming soon we've got a look at Popeye! An almost spinoff of Donkey Kong.

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