Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stern Pinball's WWE Wrestlemania (V1.11)

Here's a look at the first game running off the brand new Stern Pinball's Spike hardware it's WWE Wrestlemania! This is the pro model that includes all of the current superstars while the 400 limited edition Legends of Wrestlemania include all the past stars. (I make a note of it in the beginning..)

Sad to say there's really not that much to this game. Pretty much you just keep shooting up to the top to defeat other wrestlers and you get bonus points. Some shots that say REF will give awards like Ref Scoring and a Ref Knockout Multiball. Other then that during my time with the game, I didn't see much.

It's a stark contrast to playing KISS that has a mini wizard mode already included with the early code. Like with all Stern made game's we'll keep you updated with any further revisions.

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