Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Robotron: 2084

From 1982 we're checking out a true arcade classic, it's none other then Williams' Robotron: 2084! Designed and programmed by the Vid Kidz, Larry DeMar and Eugene Jarvis this game has stood the test of time and will forever be an arcade classic.

In the distant year of 2084 the robots have all revolted! Now it's up to you to save the last human family and destroy all of the robots that stand in your way. The game's twin stick shooting mechanics are fantastic for this game because you can shoot while you run away. It's been said Eugene had the idea after playing long rounds of Stern's Berzerk.

This game had been ported to a number of home consoles and even had a spiritual sequel that came out on the original PlayStation called Robotron X, which was released a few years later on the Nintendo 64 as Robotron 64. Well worth checking out! This formula worked so well that Williams brought it back in the 90's for one of my favorites, Smash TV which had it's own sequel, Total Carnage!

This game that's in the video that's in my pal's Dave's collection was actually rescued from the trash! It was just going to be thrown out! Thankfully Dave was able to get it home and the fine folks at Eldorado Games where able to fix the board and our other friend Mike from the Long Island Arcade Club gave the monitor a total overhaul and together with Dave they bought a new control panel overlay and rebuilt the joysticks and fixed the lights in the buttons and it's playing amazing now!

Hopefully you folks enjoyed the video! I've wanted to check out Robotron for a while now and whenever you go up to FunSpot it's next to impossible to get on it sometimes because folks have gotten very good at it.

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