Sunday, October 25, 2015

Data East's Last Action Hero Pinball

Hey folks, Nick back again with another pinball video! Today we're checking out 1993's Last Action Hero! After Terminator 2 was a smash hit it seems like everybody was waiting for the next big Arnold flick to make a game after. Data East was working on a really cool and unique two player Total Recall machine but it sadly never made it out of the prototype phase. You can find some pictures of it online.

Last Action Hero is what 90's pinball is all about. Tons of music, tons of modes and a lot of gimmicks. The game's got a shaker motor built into it as well as the game's main toy a fully working crane ramp that moves from side to side. The problem with this is the shaker motor can actually mess up the crane from shaking too much. I've heard stories of folks having to shut off the shaker, also with Road Show..which we'll get to soon..

The game's alright for a Data East. It seems like they where learning from what Bally and Williams where doing with mode based games. It feels like after The Adams Family every game had a scoop shot to start a mode and a ramp to light the scoop again. It's much better then their mid to late 80's licensed games like TMNT or Back to the Future where the game is pretty much just shoot one ramp and score a lot of points, but for my money I'd rather play Terminator 2.

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