Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dragon's Lair The Movie Kickstarter

For years folks like myself have always wondered, how come there was never an animated film based off of Don Bluth's original Laserdisc classic, Dragon's Lair. There was a Saturday morning cartoon version of it back in the 80's that  had the nifty gimmick of showing asking the viewer before a commercial break what Dirk the Daring should do, kinda like the arcade game. When the show came back it would show him doing both scenarios with him being killed off and then the correct one would continue the show. The was also a cartoon based off of Space Ace but I don't think they used that gimmick like the Dragon's Lair cartoon.

Well, just this week it was announced that producer, Gary Goldman and original creator Don Bluth want to make the animated film a reality. So now they have a Dragon's Lair Kickstarter. Their goal is to raise $550,000 dollars to help create a fully 2D traditional hand drawn animated trailer that they will use to show off to investors to help make the full movie a reality. So even if they do make the goal and the studio decides to fund the whole project we won't be seeing this for a few years, but it's something as an animation nerd that I would love to see happen after all these years.

It's great to see that they want to continue with the original 2D animated style instead of going the CGI rendered route. Hopefully the Kickstarter and the trailer they make will impress folks in order for them to get a full budget to produce a full on Hollywood blockbuster feature film. If you want to see this happen, make sure you hit up the Kickstarter and pledge your support! Who knows? Maybe if this does well we'll also see a return of Space Ace! (Which I always like better then Dragon's Lair...Kimmy was always cuter princess!)

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