Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Red & Ted's Road Show!

Here's another one of the batch of videos I shot when I visited my buddy Dave. This time we're taking a look at 1994's Red & Ted's Road Show! This widebody machine from Williams was lead designed by pinball legend, Pat Lawlor. This game has not one, but two talking dummy heads, Red and Ted. Just like Rudy from Funhouse, Red and Ted use Williams' patented "Pinmation" technology where the eyes on the head will "track" the ball in the game. It seems that Williams still holds this patent because even up to games like The Simpson's Pinball Party other talking head toys have to move at random and can't really interact with the ball. Data East was planning on making a Mad Magazine machine with an Alfred E. Neumann talking head but the game never made it past the prototype phase.

This game was touted off as being so large in scope with so many modes that players wouldn't be able to see the whole game without having to use the buy-in feature. I've done it before, but it was with extra balls turned on, but even still the game's got a lot to do. Your goal is to tour around the United States on Red & Ted's construction crew visiting landmarks and collecting souvenirs that can later be traded in to add to your score. Red's voice is provided by country singer, Carlene Carter who also provides a song that plays during the Multiball and Wizard Mode. Ted was voiced by Tim Kitzrow who many folks might know is the voice of Midway's own, NBA Jam!

The one thing to note with this video is I shot this a couple of months ago. Well before Bowen Kerins amazing video he did over at PAPA TV where they actually went cross country with a Road Show pinball machine to a bunch of different locations! I had no idea about the "Magic Stand Up Target" that is under the top left flipper. All you have to do is not flip the ball and it'll hit a little target right in front of the right flipper and it'll count for many modes in the game!

The game is a lot of fun and well worth checking out. It's available over on The Pinball Arcade, so make sure to check it out!

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