Friday, December 25, 2015

Official Street Fighter Ken Vs. Ryu Christmas Sweater from Numskull!

Hope this holiday season has found everyone safe and enjoying a little holiday spirit. As we are nearing the end of the end, I figured I'd do a quick review of the Official Street Fighter Ken Vs. Ryu Christmas Sweater From Numskull!

I got the sweater a few days ago and have had the chance to wear it around and I can safely say it is quite comfortable. I also received plenty of thumbs up and "awesome sweater" comments to my wife's dismay (she loathes it, but that may be an added bonus?). In her own words, "that would be a nice Christmas sweater if it didn't have the karate people." A gamer she is not.

A closer look shows the main attraction, Ryu and Ken throwing their fireballs only to meet and form a wonderful snowflake. While Numskull offers a few other Street Fighter themed Christmas sweaters, this one seems the most appropriate with the snowflake in the center. I like to pretend that Ryu and Ken are having a heated battle, Hadokens are flying, two meet to cancel each out to form a beautiful snowflake!

Some of the finer details include yellow health bars and K.O.'s everywhere! There's also some more traditional holiday fare such as tree shapes and zigzag patterns.
The only negative I can honestly come up with is that the back is blank. It would've been nice if the tree, zigzag, and K.O. Patterns wrapped around like they do on the sleeves. Still, this is just a minor gripe. The sweater is very comfortable while not Being too warm. You can also get other colors and characters like Sagat Vs. Chun Li, Guile Vs. Cammy or Blanka Vs. M. Bison, but like I mentioned before, imagining a snowflake forming from two Hadokens just seems appropriately magical.
One final note, pay attention to the size guide on Numskull's site if you plan on ordering a Street Fighter sweater. The sizes run smaller in comparison to other U.S. sweater manufacturers.


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