Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Commercials!

Ok, so I MAY have taken/borrowed this idea from Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula, but honestly, I though I was the only misfit out there who enjoyed watching retro commercials before I stumbled onto his site. This is our very first batch of retro commercials and I hope we do not disappoint!

We Wish You All a Happy Holiday Atari Commercial from 1981

What can I say, Atari had some great seasonal commercials and this one does not disappoint. I love how Atari assumes everyone (even Eskimos) have and enjoy the Atari 2600!

Season's Greetings from Atari Commercial from 1983

Two years later and Atari jumps from quaint, to the future by having Santa visit a family on a space station to deliver futuristic Atari 5200 games! There is more than one version of this commercial. This happens to be the shorter one with just two games.

Sears Atari/Sears Video Arcade Christmas Commercial

While I don't have time to run down the history of Atari and Sears relationship, in a nutshell Sears sold Atari 2600's that were remodeled as the Sears Video Arcade. I use to love going into Sears in the 80's and marveling at the video games, much like Santa in this classic commercial!

Well that about wraps up this year's Christmas Mayhem. It has been rushed, but fun this year due to random snow storms, ice storms, power outages... I've already logged about 16 hours shoveling and it isn't even January!

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