Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Topps Nintendo Tattoos!

The snow just keeps on hammering us, might as well delay the inevitable snow shoveling by messing around with Nintendo Tattoos from Topps!  

As a kid I was always more into the Nintendo Game Pack wax packs. This didn’t have anything to do with preconceived notions on tattoos, but instead had to do with the “temporary” aspect of temporary tattoos. I was a frugal shopper with my quarters. I wanted something that would last me more than a few hand washings or a couple of showers. I am just now realizing what I missed out on.

When you open up the pack, you get the standard stale stick of gum and a sheet of 14 tattoos that act almost as a greatest hits or a “who’s who” of Nintendo circa 1989. Everything from Nintendo logos, game logos, and various characters pulled from various art sources are included. Looking through you begin to see how a lot of the characters are pulled right from their respective game manuals. This is the type of artwork that would be plastered all over early issues of Nintendo Power. 

So do the tattoos still “work?” Not exactly. I tried placing one on my ankle with poor results. I guess I can’t expect the ink to not have dried up. On the bright side, I have a sheet of mirror imaged characters and logos. I can now finally draw the Super Mario Bros. logo backwards! 

Overall if you are into Nintendo nostalgia or wax packs, this is a must buy. You can find them pretty cheap on ebay if you hunt around. Dinosaur Dracula included them in his February Dino Drac Funpack. If you are not a subscriber, you must correct this!

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