Wednesday, September 12, 2018

SEGA Combat Electro-Mechanical Game Review

Our end of summer fun continues with a look at a true rarity, SEGA's Combat. Electro-mechanical games seem to become rarer and rarer every year, yet for some reason boardwalk arcades and beach arcades always manage to have a few pop up from time to time. I always wondered if it was old stock returning, someone finding a long lost relic in storage, or some sort of ancient rotation schedule that will see modern arcade games popping up 50 years later.

Even though I am sipping a pumpkin beer while typing about boardwalk arcades, we will continue on with more summer related updates over the next week and a half as we close out summer and lead into the beginning of fall. Be sure to check back next week and don't forget to head over to our Twitter and like and retweet our pinned post to enter our contest to win a summer prize pack!

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