Thursday, May 7, 2020

Billy Bob Brockali Vinyl Figure!

I never realized how much I needed Billy Bob Brockali in my life until now. The new Billy Bob vinyl figure from Justin Ishmael has brought back a tidal wave of horrific nostalgia. When I first pulled him out of the package it all came flooding back, that awful day that I first laid eyes on The Rock-afire Explosion.

The Rock-afire Explosion was an animatronic band created by Aaron Fetcher through his company Creative Engineering, Inc. They were a main attraction of the now defunct Showbiz Pizza Place. Some may call The Rock-afire Explosion a knock off of Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree, but they were so much more then that. If you don’t believe us, check out the documentary from 2008.

The Billy Bob Brockali figure comes in at about 11 inches tall with 3 points of articulation and his trusty bass/banjo thing. The deluxe version includes a Birthday Bird mini figure and an extra head that shows the exposed animatronics. The packaging is insane between the color scheme and the nods to Showbiz Pizza Palace.

As for the vinyl figure, Billy Bob boasts some great little details along with some nice air brushing on the face. This is vital since all of the animatronic faces were hand air brushed. The colors and tones are bright and crisp.

The extras in the deluxe version are a great nod for those of us who have forever been scarred by The Rock-afire Explosion. Birthday Bird is a great inclusion and the animatronic head is the stuff of pure nightmares. 

While the regular version of Billy Bob is sold out, there are still deluxe versions available for $150. While some might scoff at the price point, remember this is a vinyl figure.  Vinyl figures just have that something special about them.

Oh, and as for that awful day, it was a random visit to a Showbiz Pizza Palace in the 80’s. Honestly I do not remember if it was on Long Island, in New York City, or during a trip to Florida. All I remember is being sat right near the front left of the stage. As soon as Mitzi Mozzarella began jerking around I was paralyzed with fear. Once the stage to the right of me finally opened exposing Billy Bob in front of Smitty’s Super Service Station, that was it. Tears and screams came flooding out as my parents grabbed me and carried me out. Now I get to relive this every morning when I wake up and see Billy Bob Brockali on my dresser.

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