Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Four Arcade Ads found in Retro Star Wars Comics!

Happy May the 4th! We are about to dive in and check out four arcade related ads found in various Star Wars comics from the 80's. We have everything from spinach to a toyshop being ransacked. 

Popeye ad for the Parker Brothers Homeport!

We're coming in hot with a full, two page spread for the Popeye homeport game found in issue number 3 of Marvel's Star Wars Return of the Jedi comic adaptation. This ad has everything from classic comic images depicting various elements from the Popeye arcade game to a full description of the game. Just scan around the edges to catch images of Brutus, Olive Oil, even the Sea Hag makes an appearance chucking bottles at Popeye's head. To top it off, the ad is written the Popeye speaks. Expect a lot of K sounds added to the ends of various words. 

BurgerTime ad for Mattel Electronics Homeport!

Another ad for a homeport version of a classic arcade game. This time the ad is advertising that the home versions of BurgerTime are "coming soon." Found on the back of issue number 76  of Marvel's Star Wars, you get a cartoonish screen shot along with chef Peter Pepper about to be attacked by anthropomorphic food stuffs. This ad pops up a lot in various comics from the 80's.

Solar Fox ad for CBS Electronics Homeport!

Here's a classic ad found in issue number 2 of Marvel's Star Wars Return of the Jedi comic series from 1983. The whole ad for Solar Fox functions as a comic that has an Apartment 3-G vibe mixed with some golden age sexism. This ad also tends to pop up in comics from the 80's.

Star Frontiers Roleplaying Game ad!

So this one is a bit of a cheat. The ad shows a toy store customer who is compelled to buy the Star Frontiers game. If you look in the background you can make out the bottom of an arcade cabinet that seems to resemble the classic arcade game Space Zap! Or, any other early arcade game that has funky front chrome. This ad was pulled from issue 1 of Marvel's Star Wars Return of the Jedi comic series.

Thank you for reading about random arcade related ads found in retro Star Wars comics! I have a feeling that arcade related comic book ads just might become a semi frequent series.

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