Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arcade Hunters Home Port Review: Rockin' Cats (Test)

Hey everybody, Nick here with my first video game review. This was a test to see how this would work with my NES and I'm pretty happy with the results. Just need to iron out some of the audio issues I have with my mic being too weak but other then that I think it came out fine.

As I said in the video, I recorded a ton of NES games tonight all arcade ports and I even recorded some of my favorite games and will be sharing them with you in the future. I'm also going to go through my PS1/2, Xbox/360, Game Boy/GBC/GBA, Game Cube, Wii and Dreamcast for even more videos.

I went with Rockin' Cats because it was the game I had in the NES Deck at the time and it was a Playchoice system game, one of the more rare ones.

I hope you liked the review and I'll be back with one of my favorite games, Q*Bert on the NES.

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