Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hey everybody, Nick here. Well my test was a success, I can review games with the equipment that I have on me. No need to go out and get any game bridge dazzle things to get the game footage into the computer, and while Windows Movie Maker is a royal pain in the ass, it gets the job done for me that I won't have to drop 60 bucks on a good editing program.

WMV is a piece of garbage, when I ripped the DVD I put it right into the program and cut the first footage I shot of Rockin' Kats and it worked fine. The next day I tried cutting up more and that's when I started to get problems. Now I have to put the raw ripped file in, then finalize it. That part takes over half an hour for not even ten minutes of gameplay. But I spent the past three nights ripping and making WMV's into the footage I have.

Now what I need to do is clip the footage together and make a real intro for the reviews rather then the cheap generic titles that I can make in WMV. Anybody got any musical suggestions that won't break copyright? If so, drop me a line. I'm going to start cutting the footage I have together and try to come up with something good.

2600's back at work, but he was doing some editing on some of the videos we had in the bag, so be on the lookout for them soon. If I don't have a video this week, I'll be back soon with some arcade gaming news. So see ya all next time.

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