Monday, August 17, 2009

PAPA 12 High Quality Video

We are back from PAPA 12 and we all had a great time. We got to meet a lot of great people (who also happened to be great at pinball). We took A TON of footage for some new pinball reviews, an overall PAPA 12 video, and even some arcade game footage for arcade game reviews.

We also discussed about setting up through the Arcade Hunters site (this blog your reading) a way to try and do some live coverage of arcade and pinball events. By live we mean the real deal, you'll be seeing what we are seeing as we see it. We might bite off some ideas from the EVO live coverage by setting up a live schedule and doing some live interviews. We are currently working on getting some new equipment in order to make this a reality and we will hopefully have everything set up by the Classic Gaming Tournament Spring of 2010.

Remember to keep checking back here for new HQ video's twice a week. Nick is working on a review show for reviewing games, I am busy putting together arcade and pinball reviews as well as some Funspot stuff and PAPA 12 stuff. Once the Funspot and PAPA is done, I will be finishing up the next two episodes of Arcade Hunters. So keep on checking back, or you can sign up to follow or sign in the feed section to be notified when we update. We will of course be putting all the same videos on our youtube page, however the quality won't be as good due to youtube limitations. 2600 out.

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