Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Arcade Hunters Home Port Review Q*Bert

Here's the NES version of Q*Bert

This is my very first Arcade Home Port Review! This time, it's Q*Bert on the NES from Ultra Games, AKA Konami. This port of Q*Bert isn't that good. The controls take getting used to, their very stiff. The game's also missing the speech and it makes it hard to tell when enemies are coming at you.

I also forgot to mention another Q*Bert game. Mello Yello Q*Bert, just like Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert, the game was never released in arcades but the ROM of the game was released so you can play it on MAME.

Sorry I had a one line description on the video. This was the fourth try uploading it and it still didn't go through on Twitter.

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