Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks for following us!

Wow, I checked our Twitter page after the Labor Day weekend and saw we went from about 8 followers to now 61 followers! Thanks to Jeri for posting our name on her account! We'll have the interview we did with Jeri at PAPA in the coming weeks.

I'm working on finishing up the intro video for the Arcade Home Port Reviews. I wanted to try to clip together the game footage I have instead of having a static, generic Windows Media Player intro with a music file over it, so wish me luck, it's my first time. I went with the first stage of Magician Lord for the music, while it's hard as nails, that song always gets me pumped for a beating.

This weekend we might be venturing out for a trip, but I haven't heard from 2600 since school's back in session, so I'll just wait for him to return my messages. When I get some more concrete information, I'll be sure to post here with what we're doing.

Well, back to work on that intro video, I hope it comes out alright!

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