Monday, September 21, 2009

George Lucas Helped Kill Pinball?!?

Ok, first we have a new interview with Blaine Locklair, Editorial Supervisor over at Twin Galaxies. Blaine talks with us about some great ideas and the new direction that the Twin Galaxies website is going in. Anyone who frequents the Twin Galaxies website will notice how they are not just keeping track of high scores. The interview was done last May at Funspot.

Next we have some huge announcements this week, the first being a SCHEDULE. Yes, we will be updating 3 times a week. You can check here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for some Arcade related video's, news, and even possibly some new podcasts and an internet radio show. The other announcement will have to wait until Wednesday.

Finally, I wrote a review for the Pinball documentary Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball. The documentary is great and concentrates on the creation, success (albeit brief), and demise of Pinball 2000 which ultimately lead to the closing of Williams pinball division, and yes...George Lucas had an inadvertent hand in the demise of Pinball 2000. I myself never cared for Pinball 2000, but have a grown respect for it after watching the documentary. You can read the review over at the Video Game Trader Blog

Well, thats it for today and see ya on Wednesday!

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