Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, that was odd.

Not sure what was up with the Twitter updates, but I guess there was a glitch or something. That one guy must have become the most watched person on Twitter for a few days. Well, now it looks like it's back to normal.

Since 2600 mentioned pinball, I'll keep the theme going. This Tuesday Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection was released for the Triple and the 360. As I write this my copy is on the way to me and I hope to have a review of it up next week. The game has been getting a lot of positive reviews so far, but a couple of sites messed up the number of games in the collection. So just to let you know, your getting all of the games that were included in the Wii version and three new games, No Good Gofers, Tales of The Arabian Nights and Medieval Madness. The biggest complaint that I've seen so far is that there is no friends leaderboard, but hopefully they can issue a patch so you can have bragging rights.

Speaking of the Pinball Hall of Fame, I found a cool news story about the real Hall of Fame in Vegas a few weeks ago and decided I should share it here. Best of luck to Tim and Hippie when they make their move closer to the strip.

Pinball Hall of Fame News Story

Well that's it for today, check back in on Friday for a new Arcade Home Port Review!

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