Friday, October 30, 2009

The making of Q*Bert

Hey folks. I've been really busy with work, life and stuff behind the scenes here at Arcade Hunters, but I found a really cool like that I wanted to share. A few weeks ago I saw a really cool link to Edge Magazine about the making of Q*Bert. Since Q*Bert was my first Arcade Home Port Review, I thought I'd share it with you fine folks this weekend.

I'd also like to let you know that I opened up an Arcade Hunters Facebook club. I had a hard time setting it up. I don't really care much about the social networking thing. First everybody was on Friendster, then MySpace and now it's all about Facebook. So whichever is popular, people will flock too. I don't have a personal one yet, but I'll just make a quick one when it's included with the new XBox 360 update.

So just look up Arcade Hunters and you're in.

Thanks for checking back with us this week and have a Happy Halloween!

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