Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy Day after Halloween! Halloween is my favorite time of year and I figured "Hey, why don't I do a special video for Halloween?" Well, was acting up as well as my PC, so I had this video done early Halloween, but was unable to upload it correctly until today. Anywho...

Death Race is a classic game from Exidy. The game was at the forefront of video game violence way before GTA (hell even the whole sand box gameplay mixed with mayhem has been around way before GTA, remember Jungle Strike?). Exidy continued this legacy of arcade violence with other classics like Crossbow and the infamous CHILLER. Death Race is surprisingly a lot of fun. The screams are ear piercing, the controls are great, and the cab is beautiful. The artwork for the marquee is quite possibly the best marquee artwork ever. Also, what makes the Death Race cabinet at Funspot so special is the fact that it is yellow. Yellow Death Race cabs are extremely rare and Gary Vincent spared no expense with restoring their yellow Death Race cab. So enjoy this video and see how many horror film references you can find in the title and end sequence!

*Note* We are not switching our youtube account name over. We all discussed this and realized that it is not something that can easily be done without the risk of losing our youtube suscribers. We loveo ur youtube subscribers and will never do anything to risk losing them (like some other people have done for the possibility of making some money).

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