Friday, October 9, 2009

Pinball, Insect Princesses and Bears! Oh my!

Well, there's no bears in this post, but we've got plenty of the other two. It's Nick back for the Friday update. For some reason the author feature isn't working so till we figure that out I guess I'll just name myself like old times. Here's this week's Arcade Home Port Review, hot off the presses. Today it's Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on the XBox 360.

Overall, if you don't own the game yet it's worth checking out if your a pinball fan. It's also a great to look back at how all the games were. Since a lot of places don't offer pinball anymore it's the next best thing then having your own basement full of machines or driving out to find an arcade. I'll be reviewing each of the games in the collection individually for future reviews, so stay tuned.

The other big news from the Tokyo Game Show was that SHMUP makers, Cave, will be releasing their newest game, Mushihime-sama Futari 1.5 will be released on the XBox 360, region free. So that means if your a fan of "Bullet Hell" style SHMUPS and you own a 360, you HAVE to pick the game up. Cave's using this game as a test to see if they should bring out their next game without region lock to see if it will sell to other markets outside Japan. I really hope all us SHMUP fans will band together and pick the game up and prove to the other companies in Japan to release their games for everybody to enjoy. I know they won't carry a game called "The Insect Princess" here in America, but it's nice to be able to have the option to import it from Japan without having to buy a Japanese XBox 360 to play all of the great game we're missing out on.

Big thanks for the guys over at Kotaku from breaking the story. Be sure to check out great sites like NCXS and Play-Asia to preorder your copy of the game.

And for the Sarge; Kangaroo,Air Raid,SNES,None and any of the Deluxe Sega sit down arcade games, Starblade and Solar Assault.

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