Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sarge Sez!

Greetings from the Nutmeg State! The name's Sgt. Jamma and I'm thrilled to be the newest member of the crew! Along with 2600 and Nick!, I'll be contributing to the page as well as bringing my expertise in arcade hardware to the table. Growing up on video games and pinball machines as a kid, I quickly developed a love for the scene. Sure I loved the home consoles back then, but the arcade machine was the holy grail. Owning the actual arcade machine was my goal.

  • First machine ever played: The End by Stern.
  • Most hated machine ever played: The End by Stern.
  • Favorite system of all time: Neo Geo MVS System.
  • Current cabinet count: Six (five working and one in rehab). We'll have to discuss the "rehab" cabinet in a future podcast. Funny story.
  • Wish list machines: A sit down Galaxy Force 360, a sit down Out Run, and a sit down Afterburner II (anyone see a trend here?)
All of you out there, I'd like to hear about your first arcade experience. Leave a comment below. If you just want to write the name of the game you played, that's cool. If you'd like to write something that resembles a dissertation for the Nobel Prize, that's cool too. Let us know!

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  1. Well, some of you might know that my first arcade game ever played was Centipede. When I was about 4-5, my mom use to take me to visit my dad at the restaurant he worked at. The restaurant had a basement bar where some of my dads friends and some local bar flies use to hang out. I'd sometimes be brought into the basement where I would stand on a chair and play Centipede. Now I have recently been bit by the CPS2 bug and have been working on building my CPS2 PCB collection. I have Street Fighter 2 X and am looking at picking up either Mars Matrix, Giga Wing, or Eco Fighters next.