Saturday, November 21, 2009

Desert Bus 3

Just wanted to post a quick update for a good cause. The fine folks over at are holding their third annual Desert Bus for Hope event right now over at the Desert Bus website.

Now if you don't know what Desert Bus is, let me fill you in. In the 90's EGM posted a preview of a Penn & Teller video game called Penn & Teller: Smoke and Mirrors. The game was planned to come out in 95' and never was released, till another website, Lost Levels found it and published it. The game is a collection of mini games and the most famous one is called Desert Bus. The whole point of the game is to drive a bus, at 45mph, from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. The game takes 8 hours to complete and can not be paused. To make things fun, the bus slowly veers to the right at random, so you can't tape a button down and walk away, you have to keep the bus steady or you'll lose.

Back in 2007 the guys over at LoadingReadyRun held a marathon for the Child's Play Charity to see how many times they could complete the game without crashing and they helped raise over 22,000 dollars. Now their running it for a third year to beat last year's 70,423. As I write this their at a little over 26,000 but I want to try to help them get more. So if you got the time, check out the website and make a donation. The money goes to help sick kids get toys for the holidays and I want to of course thank the guys over at Penny Arcade for starting this great cause. And also, good luck to the guys and gals over at LoadingReadyRun for putting this on again. I hope you guys beat last years record!

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