Friday, November 20, 2009

Strange Science Pinball

Here's another pinball review from PAPA 12. We checked out 1986 Bally's Strange Science. This is a game that isn't hard to miss. The neon backglass really drew me into it and the game is pretty fun. The music and sound effects in the game weren't turned up so it's hard to hear, but their pretty week. I liked the table, but I would love to play it again with better flippers.

Nick here with the Friday. 2600's busy with work and Sarge is still in the process of moving into his new home so I'll take over with duties again for this week. As usual the right got cut off on the video, hopefully they'll fix it so we can just use the auto uploader.

Sadly we won't be able to make it to the Frog Off this weekend. We really wanted to try to make it up there to do a live chat, but with 2600 busy with work and Sarge getting in his new appliances it was obvious we'd have to cancel. Hopefully over the Christmas break we'll be able to do a video chat.

On Monday I'll be posting what I liked from this week's IAAPA Show. If you want to check out videos and pictures, be sure to check out our good friend Adam's site over at Arcade Heroes on the links provided on the right!

Have a good weekend and we'll be back with more videos next week!

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