Monday, November 30, 2009

Arcade Home Port Review: Funhouse

Please don't mess up! Please don't mess up! As I said before, we've been having problems trying to embed the videos from blip automatically on the blog, so now I'm trying 2600's way of shrinking down the video, so hopefully it looks alright here. Here's the video of Funhouse off the Williams Pinball Hall of Fame collection. One of my favorite games from the Wii version and it's still great on the 360.

2600's been busy with work so I'm taking the Monday post. He is working on some new videos so be sure to keep checking back for when we have the updates up. I'd also like to give a big hello to all the folks checking us out from That Guy With The Glasses. I've been posting a video a day and people seem to like it. Thanks so much for checking out our stuff and we'll have more to come!

I'm planning on getting all new equipment for reviewing video games this Christmas along with new editing software. I'm sick of dealing with Movie Maker. Watch the Rambo video? Did you see the beginning were 2600 is trying to focus the camera? I tried to cut not even a few seconds of that off, but the damn program kept crashing on me, so I just kept it in. I know it looks sloppy, but it overall I think the video came out great. It's also really popular. People love Rambo, and people love light gun shooters. The House of the Dead 4 video we did a while back is proof of that.

Well, that's it for me. Enjoy the video and we'll be back again on Wednesday with more news!

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