Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rambo: The Arcade Game

Happy Thanksgiving from your pals at Arcade Hunters! 2600 and I took the old digital camera down to Dave and Busters last night and played some games during their half price Wacky Wednesdays. Here's the video of the Rambo Deluxe Unit from Sega.

While the game is indeed awesome and a lot of fun with one or two players, there's a few gripes we have that would have made the game near perfect.

When you go into Rage Mode, the graphic takes up a good chunk of either side of the screen. During a two player game the "Continue?" sign is not transparent and causes you to miss enemies that might be shooting at you. Also, even though this game was released in 2008 the games graphics look grainy and dated.

But even for it's few flaws Rambo is a perfect fit for a light gun arcade game. If you see a deluxe or standard cab at your local arcade make sure and give it a play.

...and don't forget. If you got that many men up against Rambo, don't forget one thing...

A good supply of body bags!

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