Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arcade Hunters Episode 8 Part 1: Penny Arcade

Yes! Finally! We're back with an epic three part adventure! It's been a long time. Computers have crashed, files have been lost, but the soul still burns. Episode eight of Arcade Hunters takes you into the Wayback Machine back to last summer when we visited the other three arcades on the Weirs Beach New Hampshire boardwalk. The first time we visited Weirs Beach was in January, so naturally they weren't open, but make sure you go in the summer to check them out. This first episode takes us to The Penny Arcade. That's it, just Penny Arcade. A nice selection of stuff, from pinball, ticket games and classic and new school games all for you in one place.

2600 has been under the weather this week, so thankfully he was able to put the finishing touches on the video. We should also be recording another episode of Gabbin' with The Arcade Hunters tomorrow night, so hopefully we'll find a real solution to our podcasting problems, rather then just hosting it on Blip.

I've been busy this week playing lots and lots of Cave's latest work Mushihime-sama Futari. I ended up ordering from Play Asia and the game took much longer to get here then usual. Our good friend Brian from Substance TV finally got his copy today after waiting three weeks. All I can say is, holy &#$*! What an awesome time, it took a while but it was well worth the wait. Thank you so much to the people over at Cave that decided on taking out the Region Encoding on the game so everybody can finally enjoy the game. Now I know you might be thinking "Oh that game..the one with the purple bullets that fill the screen!? No thanks!" Well, think again. Cave has included so many different modes, everybody can enjoy the game. If the game's too tough for you, just go to Arrange and try out the Novice setting. It makes the game really easy, but it gives you a good idea what to expect with faster enemies and more bullets. Thankfully I didn't download the Black Label add on because I've heard people are having freezing issues.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the new episode of Arcade Hunters! The next part should be up very soon, so stay tuned!

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