Monday, December 14, 2009

H2Overdrive Red Carpet Treatment...2 Days Ago!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the new Arcade Hunters episode. We will have part 2 up for ya on Wednesday and the conclusion up on Friday. In gaming news, H2Overdrive was featured on the red carpet at the Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) that happened on December 12th. Now, some of you may know how from Press STart how we feel about the Spike VGA awards. But, we have to give them props now for lending ah and to the arcade cause by showcasing H2Overdrive on the red carpet. It seems to me that some big name companies are starting to get involved in the arcade scene. Stride gum, of course comes to mind as well as the new situation involving Stern pinball. Maybe this will be a new trend for the future.

In other news, to help spread the word of H2Overdrive, Specularis hosting a "sightings" section for people up upload where they have found an H2Overdrive cabinet. This is a great way to let some people who have yet to find a cab to try it out (we falling into that category). So if you have seen a place that has the new H2Overdrive be sure to log on to and list it. Well, that's it for today. Be sure to check back Wednesday for part 2 of our season premiere!

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