Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Site Features and the documentary Japan: History of Shooting Game

As you can see we have added a slide show and poll to the site. The poll has a list of games that we have shot footage of already. We figured we'd ask you guys to see which video you'd like to see done next. We still have 2 more video's of games from the Weirs Beach Arcades. The slide show will be saved for displaying pictures from our most recent Arcade Hunter's investigations. If you click on any of the pictures in the slide show, it will take you to a larger version that includes a caption about where the picture was taken. We will continue to add more stuff to the blog site as well as more photos. We might also be adding some comics here and there as well as some more classic game retrospectives and arcade gaming articles (I am currently working on a big one for the Video Game Trader Magazine Blog Site).

Below is a great documentary about the shmup genre (flying shooter games like 1943 or Raiden) that includes some great footage of some arcade shmups and shmup developers like Cave.

Japan: History of Shooting Game Part 1

Japan: History of Shooting Game Part 2

Japan: History of Shooting Game Part 2

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