Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gremlins 2 NES Review

Hey everybody. Nick here for the Wednesday update. Today's game really isn't a home port review, but since I love the game I wanted to review it anyway. Gremlins 2 is classic NES Sunsoft. Awesome music, great graphics, and tight gameplay make this not only a great game, but a great game based on a movie. Big ups to the guys over at Video Games New York for keeping our friends in the city supplied with great old school games.

Now I'm debating on if I should keep the footage for the videos I've taken previously. As I've said before I finally got a new microphone, Sony Vegas and an EasyCAP to get better quality game footage, rather then off of a VCR then to DVD and finally burning it to the computer. Whenever the video poll ends, I want to put up another poll asking if you guys think I should keep the old footage I already have, or just start out fresh. I uploaded the Medieval Madness video and the sound quality of the voice over is terrible. So should should I keep the videos I have or not? Drop a comment.


  1. Hey Nick. I say whatever works best for you. If keeping the old footage would help you keep the volume (amount) of videos and updates coming and limit the amount of work then I can handle the lesser quality...but if it will be equal amounts leg work then I say scrap it. So there you go...clear as mud now?

    Jason B

  2. Thanks for sharing that review Nick. Gremlins 2 really is an overlooked classic, and one of Sunsoft's finer games on the NES.

    I remember getting Gremlins 2 on Christmas of 1990 and being pleasantly surprised at just how good the game was. From the catchy music to the vibrant graphics and huge bosses, Gremlins 2 is a quality game that no NES gamer should pass up.

    I look forward to checking out your next review.