Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arcade Game Review: Crime Patrol

Here is a video review, plus a quick history lesson about the laserdisc game "Crime Patrol" that was released by American Laser Games in 1993. Despite how horrid most American Laser Games were, the company was partially responsible for the (albeit brief) revival of laserdisc games in the 90's. We shot this video over at the Half Moon Arcade located in Weirs Beach, NH.

We have been busy here at Arcade Hunters working on neatening up the site and the old psots so that the blog will work like a regular web site. I (2600) have been busy putting some finishing touches on the next "Press Start" comic for Video Game Trader Magazine. In other news, we will begin having some more of our own music for our videos! Our good friend John Ford (the composer of the music used in the intro and credits for both the interviews and AH episodes) Is going to be taking a crack at doing some piano medleys of arcade game music for our videos. We are also currently shopping around for a permanent home for hosting our podcast and other audio files. We've only done one podcast so far and we'll be doing a bunch more once we get some hosting. So keep checking back for more updates and arcade related news!


  1. Wow, that was not a game that looks fun. I don't miss the laser disc games. (except the core classics that is). When you guys goin back to Funspot and how often do you guys try to go? Being from Indiana I'm planning on going up for a few days in the spring or would be cool if I could align my schedule with yours. Its 15 hour trip for me though!

  2. I (2600) actually live about an hour and a half away from Funspot while Sgt. Jamma lives about 4-5 hours and Nick lives about 7 hours away. I try to go at least once every 2 months during the winter. Spring and summer I shoot for at least once a month. Let us know when you go and we will plan on going at that time.

  3. (nick here by the way) If your planning on going, you should try to make it for the next tournament in May. It's sounding like our good friends over at Arcade Lifestyle are thinking about coming for the tournament. Bruno had already made a trip to the states and has a whole trip log of it on his site, check it out!

  4. Hey Nick,

    I was thinking about that. You guys will definitely be there correct? Weren't you thinking of doing some live spots from the tournament this year? My one question...will I have ample opportunity to game? I'm sure its quite hectic during the tournament.