Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arcade Home Port Review Gyruss

Woo! Thank God that worked. I just got a message from 2600 and he told me that I had to re-convert the files to another format because AVI isn't well liked by Youtube and Blip. So here's the new version of Home Port Reviews, how do you like it?

I'm still trying to get a hang of the audio levels and learning how everything works with Vegas. Just learning how to fade in and out of the video and text for the logo was a pain in the ass. I hate it now with new computer programs that they sell it to you in a gigantic cardboard box and the only thing that comes inside of it is a paper sleeve with the disk and a piece of paper with the install code. No more instructions! That would kill a tree! So you can't just go to the main site to learn how to do things and the only thing that helped me with fading was a kid posted a video on Youtube on how to do it right. So thanks to all the people that are making Vegas tutorial videos. I'll be watching more of them in the future.

I'm glad at the video quality now. Using the EasyCAP and Vegas is simple and easy. The two biggest problems is that there is a little bit of delay with certain games and the preview window can't be blown up full size, so I'll have to wait and see if I can get the cable splitters..and hopefully they make them in S-Video. The audio is a lot better from before. I like in Vegas you can have layers so I have one for the game audio and one for my voice, so I can adjust them on the fly. Since the NES isn't in stereo, I can go into the sound options, make the game louder and then make it so it goes into both speakers for a mock stereo sound.

So hopefully I'll get better and the videos will improve over time. I recorded a bunch of new ones and as you saw from the into (MARVEL BABY!) I also got my Dreamcast going and you'll be seeing almost every Capcom fighter they've made. If I would have sent in my Edge points I could have gotten everything they had to offer.

We'll have more updates in the coming week. As you might have seen in the last update, I'm trying to get time off to go to the city for the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom "party". No, they won't sell the game but you can try to win it. Oh joy. All we need is one of the regulars from CTF to show up and they'll get everything. If I go I'm planning on taking the camera for pictures and videos and if any Capcom higher ups (Seth Killian maybe?) I plan on taking my old digital audio recorder and maybe trying to get a short interview with some folks. So stay tuned!


  1. I agree that Sony Vegas was a bear to learn at first, but once I got the basics down, I found that it's a good piece of software to use.

    Have you given any thought about the Hauppauge PVR? It is a bit pricey (OK it's a LOT pricey), but it's supposed to record video at HD resolutions, and it uses a file format that's friendly with Sony Vegas. If the price comes down a but more, I might just pull the trigger and get one.

    Anyway, nice Gyruss review. Gyruss was one of those games where you knew the crap was about to hit the fan as soon as you heard that music at the beginning of the game.

  2. I asked a couple of people about the Hauppague and I haven't heard a lot of good feedback on it. I heard it's pretty much only good for recording in HD and many of the games I'm doing video from are only in composite video and S-Video. So even though I could make them in HD, you're really not going to notice much if it's in high def.