Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deathsmiles IS coming to America!!

According to a post today on Siliconera it's rumored that Cave's Deathsmiles will be coming to North America. The post says their keeping the publisher secret, so hopefully they'll spill the beans and let us know if this will be a proper release or just another Mobile Light Force... ::shudders:::

Deathsmiles Magically Gets Stateside Release

I'm so glad that somebody is taking a chance on the game. I know already that the game won't sell well because I know people in the US will complain about paying full price for a game that lasts not even 45 minutes, but if they bring the game over properly, they'll have my money on day one.

My newest Arcade Home Port Review is being uploaded to Blip as I type this. I was able to make a new intro and credits for the videos. I made sure I saved them in the highest resolution possible, so that's why I don't have it up tonight, just because it's so damn huge. I will upload it first thing tomorrow morning when it's finished with the flash conversion. The only thing I need for the videos now is the cable splitters. I can play directly into my computer, but there is a bit of input delay. The delay I can deal with, but the problem is the preview window is very very small so I won't be playing much SHMUPS or Game Boy ports till I get the splitter.

Capcom has recently announced that they'll be having a launch party next Saturday, January 23rd at Nintendo World in New York City for the release of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. I'm debating on if I should go or not. Or if I'll be able to go at all. Almost every time I've gone to Nintendo World, something bad has happened.

The first time was the meet Shigeru Miyamoto event. My friend and I got there at 5 AM, waited on line and they never handed out wrist bracelets. When the time finally came for the doors to open, there was a mad dash to the door and many people ended up cutting the line, leaving people like us who waited there, screwed. We also got told that we had to wait...on another line if we wanted to get back inside the store. We sent them an angry letter telling them what happened, we got a response back, but I really hope they got the message from other people.

Then there was the famous Smash Brothers Launch...or lack of one. We were already in the city to check out other stuff and visit friends when I thought I'd go over to Nintendo World to Pre-order Smash Brothers. I had asked if they would have a midnight launch and they said they most likely would. Well, as you know with Brawl, the game ended up getting delayed about five different times and the release date kept getting pushed back and back further into the year. When the time finally did come for the game to come out Nintendo had made a deal with Best Buy to have the launch at their flagship store with a full tournament, prizes, giveaways, the whole nine yards. We got to Nintendo World that Sunday? Nothing. They had a barricade there, but nobody was waiting on line, we simply walked up to the counter, presented the claim ticket and walked out with the game. Sure they had the game to play on just about every Wii in the store, but after all the money to take the train back and forth, I could have just spent it on over night delivery and gotten the game on Monday.

Well, that's enough for me. If your in the NYC area and are thinking about attending the launch, drop a comment here, on the Twitter or over on Facebook. While I do have to send my Wii in to get fixed and I'm planning on getting my joystick from Best Buy, I will pick up the game if they got something good going on there for a change.

Will update on Monday night with the news of the publisher!

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