Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tron: Legacy Trailer Impressions

Back during last year's Comic Con I saw a site pop up called Flynn Lives to promote the new sequel to Tron. I was totally up for a brand new Tron movie so I signed up on the site to wait for when they would update it with more news of the movie's release.

This Wednesday I got an email from the site saying they were going to "continue the fight to search for Kevin Flynn" so started an ARG, or Alternative Reality Game. Pretty much just a fancy word for a scavenger hunt. A site called Zero Hour opened up with a list of cities. You were told if you were in the city to use the clues and find a person wearing a "Flynn Lives" t-shirt at an arcade or a place with an arcade gmae/pinball machine. One of the members on Tron Sector in Austin Texas took his camera and went on the hunt.

So the cards had codes that unlocked another website called Pit Cell that said there would be a "Exclusive Limited Event" in five cities, New York being one of them. So I jumped at the chance to see what was going on and got tickets. It didn't take long for the NYC and LA shows to quickly be gobbled up.

I woke up at 6am, got on a train and headed out to the city to see the show, of what I had no idea. Because nowhere on the site did they say what we were going to see or if anybody from the film would be there as special guests. So I got there, checked in and had to check in my cell phone. Everybody had to fork them over because Disney did not want this footage being leaked out to the public. So I'm thinking we're going to see something really special before everybody else has the chance when the movie comes out in December. I checked my phone in then got a "Flynn Lives" shirt. The biggest size was an XL which isn't big enough for a chubby boy like me.

I got into the theater and got my seat in a TRUE IMAX theater. I've been to a couple that are mock IMAX that aren't nearly the size of the screen at this theater. The seats started to fill up, but it wasn't packed to the brim, so people that ended up getting tickets might not have bothered going because of the snowstorm we've had for the past two days.

Then...they walked in. A friggen hipster and his girlfriend. You know the 100 pounds soaking wet little bitch with the grandma librarian glasses? I had that sitting behind me for half an hour. This stupid girl kept going on and on about how when they went to the Comic Con in San Diego and they met all of the cast, saw the trailers and even went to the Flynn's Arcade they had with the Light Cycle. "Waaa! The only shirt they had was a XXL! I sleep in it! I don't even fit into smalls anymore! I need Japanese smalls! We really need to go to Japan again! I wanna go back to the World Cosplay Summit!"

Then finally the lights went down and we we're treated to...the 3D. That's it. Nobody from the cast came out, no introduction from the cast or anything else. They showed the trailer ONE TIME and we were thanked and told to exit the theater. A few people trying yelling "PLAY IT AGAIN!" and I started a chant of "ONE MORE TIME!!! ONE MORE TIME" and we just got told to have a nice day. Then the stupid little see you next Tuesday behind me says to her boyfriend "Heh! If they thought they were going to see more then the trailer, they need to have their heads examined! Ha ha ha!" Now I don't condone violence towards anybody or anything, but I just wanted to hop over the seat and slap her in the face. Somebody even said they came from Canada to see it, ask anybody there they can vouch for me.

After I collected my phone I saw a person talking to the two girls that checked us in he was voicing his complaints to them. I had heard the one girl say that "the website said it was just the trailer" but then I butted in and said, the site doesn't say that at all! If I knew it was just the trailer I would have stayed home!" and the guy agreed with me. Both of them apologized to us and said they would let the people in charge know that we we're unhappy, but I bet that more people complained after I left.

So now onto the actual trailer discription. You're going to see it anyway when Alice in Wonderland comes out, but here it is straight from your's truly. The trailer opens up in the real world. You hear Allen (Bruce Boxleitner) telling Flynn's son, Sam that he received a call from his father that he hadn't heard from in 20 years and it came from his old shut down arcade. Sam goes in and see's one machine along the back wall, a Tron Machine! (They put an Encom logo on the machine, rather then Bally) He puts a quarter in it and falls to the ground where he sees the machine is on a track. He pulls it aside and finds a room inside that has an old computer..with the laser gun from the first movie..then we FINALLY get to see the world of Tron in 3D. AND HOLY SHIT IS IT FUCKING COOL! You get to see the Recognizers, Light Cycles, Disk Fights and the new girl, Olivia Wilde in all her glory. <3 Also in the trailer were quick shots of other characters in the movie. One guy kinda looked like David Bowie and had what looked like a mic stand and he was doing this funky dance. It got some chuckles from the audience. Sam even takes control of one of the Recognizers and takes it for a spin till you finally hear the older Flynn say to his son, it's been a long time and a voice saying "Welcome to The Pit Cell" and finally the logo with the date the movie is coming out.

While the trailer was very good and showed lots of the Tron world it was way too short and there isn't any music from Daft Punk present in the trailer. I can't wait to hear how they score a film, let alone Tron. It's like the perfect combination.

Another site called The Establishing Shot has their own review of the trailer and as I write this more people are speaking out from the LA showing. Where they not only got to see the trailer, TWICE but also got treated to a Q&A from the movie's directors. Hopefully Disney won't wait too long before they finally release the trailer to the masses.

Overall I did like getting a shirt and seeing the trailer in full IMAX 3D, but if I would have known beforehand that the only thing that was going to be shown was the trailer, once, I would have just stayed home and watched the original film on DVD. It's not like we got to see the full movie, or parts of it without the special effects in it, just a trailer. I can wait to see a trailer, but I CAN'T wait to see this movie when it comes out in December. Also, I hope the game comes out good too! Don't be another disappointing movie game!

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