Monday, March 1, 2010

Arcade Home Port Review: Space Invaders (GB)

Here's my review of Space Invaders for the Game Boy, with some extra added Super Game Boy features!

Hey folks, sorry for not editing this but I threw up two videos last night on Blip so I had to wait for them to convert so I didn't really feel like adding text to them. This is the newest video of Home Port Reviews of Space Invaders for the Game Boy. While the port isn't very good playing on a real Game Boy, when you put it together with a Super Game Boy the game really shines. It's cool to see they were able to put in the whole arcade game along with the boarders all on a little Game Boy cart.

2600's still busy as hell with school work so he's still trying to put the finishing touches on some new Pinball and Arcade Game review videos. I'm trying to keep up with the gaming news of the day and making new videos. As you can see with this review I took down my SNES and got some videos of some games. Some home ports and others games I really like that I feel need some time to shine. I'm also planning on posting more at our blog over on Video Game Trader Magazine, so be sure to check em' out in the links and see what they have to offer.

Thanks for checking out the video and we'll have more for you soon!

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