Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks for 400 Subscribers and Update!

The following video is to thank everybody for supporting our YouTube channel. When I recorded it, we were at 415 but now we're up to 426, so thanks for coming out. The other news is for the FunSpot Triathlon. I need to talk to Sarge to see if we'll still be doing this, if not we'll be up at FunSpot anyway to get some videos.

As I said in the video, please comment with what arcade games you would like to see covered on future videos. Putting together an Arcade Hunters episode takes a lot of time so we want to have stuff that people want to watch while we plan on making new episodes.

Now also with next week, we're planning on doing a live UStream chat on Saturday. I'm not sure if we'll be going there on Friday night, but if we don't we will be there all day on Saturday. I'm going to make another video with the exact time when we'll be doing the chat, so please try to make it and join along with the fun.

The reason why we're using UStream is because FunSpot's got a really strict block on their free Wi-Fi. YouTube is blocked and I hope Blip and Twitter aren't blocked, but I'm pretty sure the site isn't blocked so we should be able to make updates through here and on Twitter. I wanted to use LiveStream but they wouldn't take our channel application and I don't want to limit the chat to 30 people and take the chance that we can't use the site. So when you go on UStream, look for our Arcade-Hunters channel, yes with the dash in it. I want to delete the account and make a new one but we've already got a video on there from our last visit.

So stay tuned here next week for another update and a live chat from FunSpot!


  1. I would love to see a review of Kung fu master or a Gunsmoke. great site and great videos keep it up and I love the fact classics and pinball only (so sick of ps3 xbox360 wii).cheers

    Moose Jaw ,sk

  2. Sup Nick,

    I have previously requested Ikari Warriors or Heavy Barrel. And if you could swing by Indy Jones and the Popeye machine that would be great! Great job guys...hope to see you at the tournament in June.

    Jason (JayB_IU)

  3. Popeye is done, it's one of my favorite games so we did it on one of our first trips. I also have the NES version and we plan on doing both together. I'll put the games both of you have listed on my list of games to cover.