Monday, March 15, 2010

Video update for 3/15/10

Here's the video update for the week!

For some reason Blip is always cutting off the video descriptions I write so I've been limiting them to one sentence and just adding the rest in as I go. This is the video update for the week because on Friday when I update, I'll be at FunSpot playing games and the like. Here's all the links you need to know for this weekend!

FunSpot Official Game List

Our UStream Channel

Our Facebook Fan Page

And I won't bother putting the Twitter link, because it's off to your right, anyway. So if you're not following us already, do so now. Hopefully FunSpot's firewall won't block us from getting the word out to everybody when we go live with the chat. I'm pretty sure the site isn't blocked, but Youtube is. If Blip isn't blocked we can just use the option to send the video to YouTube and go that way. So expect to see us live on Friday or Saturday night around 8-9 PM. Later!


  1. Nick,

    Awesome update...lookin forward to seeing some games I havent seen in years! A couple of things. You said Indy Jones and last crusade...I was referring to Temple of Doom. Do they have the last crusade?? Just a slip of the tongue I'm sure. I don't want to be a video hog but thanks for showin the rotary games together...Had a pizza parlor in town that had all three at one time or another...played a ton needless to say. IF I could impose one more small request, after seeing the list (thanks for the link) I would like to see Zaxxon too...One of my earlier favorites. Ok thats more buggin..I promise! Have a safe trip!

    Jason (JAYB_IU)

  2. I screwed up, Temple of Doom, not Last Crusade. I was on the 4th or 5th take and I screwed up my wording. But I'll try to get the video if we've got the time and most importantly tape!

    (Nick on the other account)