Sunday, April 4, 2010

GET HYPE!! Super Street Fighter IV is Coming to Arcades!!

Event Hubs broke the news last night that Super Street Fighter IV will be released in arcades!! Last night at the National Street Fighter IV Championships in Japan, producer Yoshinori Ono came out and said the game will be released in arcades in Japan. Which means, just like with Street Fighter IV before, it sounds like operators here will have to jump through hoops and have to import the game here.

Be sure to check out their site for any upcoming news! Have a Happy Easter!

Edit, now that Easter is winding down here, I can update this. Kotaku has up on their site their own update about the game, you can also check it out and you can watch the video of Ono-San (In Japanese) say the game is indeed coming to arcades is Japan. (Just listen for the OOOAH!! from the audience)

News Report from Kotaku

Now if you listened to my chat I had with Seth Killian, you'll know that Capcom no longer has a coin op devision in America. I hope that Capcom will make it easier for arcades in America to get the game. While Street Fighter IV was very expensive and required multiple units to play multiplayer, people still got them. Even at China Town Fair they got four and the game paid for itself in a few months. So hopefully Capcom can come up with something that will make them happy and operators happy. Arcade Infinity in California is reporting that they should be getting the game in this summer (July/August) so lets hope for the best.

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