Friday, April 2, 2010

Iron Man Now Available from Stern Pinball

When Stern announced that they were going to be working on an Iron Man machine to go along with the new Iron Man 2 movie in July I was excited. After all, the last superhero game they made, Spider-Man came out great and Iron Man would be another good Marvel character to bring to pinball.

Early last month they debuted the machine at a trade show in Italy and it surprised everybody that they had a new game shortly after Big Buck Hunter. It was only running a prototype software so the game wasn't close to being finished. Now in the video above they were doing test runs in Game Works Chicago running a newer updated 0.5 software. The video does an excellent job showing off the features with a bunch of camera angles capturing all the action. But since it's on early software a lot of game rules and voices aren't in the game.

But just a few days ago I read over on Arcade Heroes that the game is finished and ready to be shipped. That's really quick considering how long it took them to finish Big Buck Hunter. But not all is well with Iron Man. A user on Arcade Heroes said that Iron Man is another re-themed game. Which game? Austin Powers. I doubt that changing the theme up, adding a magnets and a couple of rules will make the game better. This is the same thing that Stern did with NBA Pinball (Now out of production at Stern) so I'm wondering how this is going to work for them. As always I'm going to hold my judgement till I get my hands on the game and play it. I played Austin Powers when the game came out and I thought it was boring so hopefully the additions make it better.

Well, that's it for Friday. Have a great Easter weekend and we'll see you back next week.

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