Tuesday, April 6, 2010

History! The Asteroids World Record has been topped!

Last night at around 1:20 AM EST the world record in Asteroids finally fell! It took John McAllister 58 hours from Saturday to Monday night to beat the score. Originally set in 1982 by Scott Safran in Cherry Hill New Jersey the previous record was thought to be unbeatable. John's new record of 41,338,740 topped the old score of 41,336,440. John also holds the world record in Asteroids Deluxe at 3,333,360. I was there to witness the feat online as well as 100 plus people saw the record finally topped last night.

We here at Arcade Hunters would like to congratulate John on his new world record. Now all that needs to be done is for Twin Galaxies to go over the tape and finally varify that he now holds the record.

Asteroids Deluxe Meets It's Match

Aurcade.com with a link to the video

News Post from Kotaku

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