Monday, April 5, 2010

Us vs. Them Arcade Game

Yes! It's Us Vs. Them madness here on Arcade Hunters. Two weeks ago Gary and the rest of the staff at the American Classic Arcade Museum went down to PAXEast in Boston. Gary packed up a truck with 20 games and had them all on display for free play at the convention. Needless to say the people loved playing these classics and huge crowds swarmed the machines for a classic trip down memory lane. Even PAX keynote speaker Wil Wheaton joined in playing some Sinistar and was seen chatting it up with Gary and the rest of the ACAM staff.

One game that caught the attention of writer Gus Mastrpa, was Us Vs. Them. Gus wrote a great article about his experience with the game and had this great quote to say about FunSpot;

"New York may have the food and culture. Boston may have history. But the reason I wish I lived on the East Coast is because I’d be closer to Funspot, the New Hampshire arcade billed as the world’s largest, and its spectacular museum collection."

Be sure to check out the rest of Gus's article and the write up our friends at Arcade Heroes did for more of the ACAM at PAXEast.

PAX: The Laserdisc Weirdness of Us vs. Them

More arcade goodness from PAX East (updated with Wil Wheaton)

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