Sunday, July 18, 2010

Avatar From Stern

Well, that was quick. As soon as I posted that the next Stern Pinball game was rumored to be James Cameron's Avatar, somebody online spilled the beans and it looks like Avatar is the next game from Stern Pinball. Avatar was rumored to be in production from Stern but they weren't able to get the game out in time for the movie's release. But I guess since the movie made over two billion dollars worldwide, I guess they decided to bring it back.

But what makes this machine even sweeter is that the one and only "King of Flow" Steve Ritchie might be the designer of the game. Over on Steve's website you can view a list of the game's he's created even purchase the actual design prints. One of them being Avatar. Where he says that it was amazing seeing the previews of it, but thought it would never be made, could Stern be using his designs for this? Unfortunately this is only a mock up of the cabinet, so when I find out if their using Steve's design, I'll edit this, but till then you can view the design, and buy it on his site.

Product Info for Steve's Avatar designs.

I really hope this turns out to be a good table for Stern. I have still yet to play Big Buck Hunter and Iron Man. I've heard mixed things about both tables, but I'll never judge something that I haven't played. I'll keep you up to date on any new news and when the press release comes from Stern tomorrow.

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