Friday, July 16, 2010

Space Harrier (2007 Review)

This week's Classic Video is of Sega's classic Space Harrier arcade game. As I said in the video this was one of our most viewed videos on YouTube before we interviewed James Rolfe. Since I recorded the into before the last Funspot tournament, I'd like to say a big congrats to the couple that got engaged up at Funspot. They were a big factor in getting the game fixed. Tim AKA Jumble Junkie was really happy to finally be able to play it after two long years of the game not working.

I've also included another never before seen video that we shot, but never got uploaded, of the bonus round of Space Harrier. You hop on the back of a furry dragon..thing hence the "Neverending Story" song from me, and you have to fly into trees and rocks for extra points. So enjoy today's video and we'll have another one for you next week!

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