Saturday, July 24, 2010

Capcom Comic Con News

Three big announcements this afternoon from Capcom's showing at Comic Con. Mike Nelson from was live blogging from the conference room, and here's the big news, I'll post any more videos when they get uploaded, lets hope they don't get taken down.

Street Fighter X Tekken

This was pretty much a given, but I wanted to see more then just Street Fighter and Tekken with more of Capcom's and Namco's flagship characters. This game will be made by Capcom and will be 2D, while the one Namco is making will play more like Tekken. It's a two on two tag team fighter and from the video you can tag in and out during Ultra Combos. This game is still in early development and it will be out after Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Super Street Fighter IV for Nintendo 3DS was announced. They want it to look and feel like the console versions. On the arcade side of things they did confirm that new costumes and new characters are being added to the arcade version of the game but they won't make any announcements till the Tokyo Game Show. The rumor going around that the two spots are for Rolento and Alex with five more characters for a total of seven new characters. The other rumored characters are, Hugo, Q, Elena, R.Mika, and Charlie. I don't know if they'll go that extreme with seven new characters, plus balancing the current 35, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I still hope they'll bring Karin into the mix.

Finally an online version of Street Fighter III Third Strike has been announced for PSN and XBLA. They said the game won't be released in the coming future, but it is coming. They also said to go to the Capcom Unity site for fans to voice what they would like to see in the game. (I guess as far as tournament modes and options)

I'll keep you up to date on any new videos or announcements that are coming out of Comic-Con so stay tuned! Big thanks to the folks over at IPlayWinner for posting pictures and the video I included above, check out their site for more detailed info on what happened.

I Play Winner Coverage

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