Saturday, September 18, 2010

Arcade Update: Funspot!

2600 here, with a heads up, we have a brand new game review for the arcade version of smash tv coming Monday! Sarge and I are at Funspot and we have a little inventory update:

In the American Classic Arcade Museum we got:

1.) "Chase" by Exidy. Looks like a nice restored cab.

2.) "Buster Bros." This game was moved from the second floor.

3.) "Black Tiger" has a new (or fixed) monitor! No more fuzziness!

4.) and numerous other games have crisper images on the monitor.

Second Floor

1.) "Terminator Salvation." Great game, hard as heck. This game has replaced "Hydro Thunder" on the second floor.

2.) New large redemption game "wheel Deal Extreme."

3.) The pinball game "Fire" has been moved to the
second floor.

4.) A cool redemption game called "Tippin' Blocks" where you slide a block controller and try to catch blocks on the screen.

Bottom Floor

1.) new Soccer redemption game. More details later.

More information later!


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