Friday, October 29, 2010

Arcade Hunters Review: Capcom Vs. SNK

Hey everybody, we're almost at the home stretch for the Street Fighter reviews. One more to go after this one. Sorry they took so long to get out to you. I was able to record a bunch of them on a Saturday in July and I've been slowly releasing them.

This week's review is of Capcom Vs. SNK. It was one of the biggest "HOLY $#!*" moments in gaming for me. I had always thought of Capcom and SNK as rival companies. They'd always have ribs going back and forth at each other like Dan in Street Fighter Alpha poking fun at Robert from Art Of Fighting. So getting to seeing these two companies get together to make games with each others characters in it was a really big deal. I still remember reading the rumors online with screen shots and nobody believed that the game would happen, but in early 2000 we finally got our hands on the game.

I loved the game when it came out, it was hard playing it after so many of the Marvel Vs Series where they went back to a non tag in team based game. Other then that the only problem I had was the ratio system, which they improved in the second game, which I will be talking about soon. I'm more of a fan of the obscure characters so seeing characters like Blanka getting a weak level 1 ratio while most of the other SFII characters were medium 2's was a bit of a let down. I mostly stuck to Ken and Terry, Team USA. I also loved the little bits between two characters before the match like Chun Li wearing Mai's outfit and Ken flipping Terry his hat and giving him a thumbs up before the fight.

Next Friday I will have a review of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 so stay tuned! Till then drop a comment and let me know which one of the Capcom Vs. Series games was your favorite! Till then, have a good weekend!

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