Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC Update Thread

Heya kiddies, I just got back in from Comic Con. It is frikken' huge this year. They finally have the whole convention center and thank god because there's just a sea of humanity there. So much to see and do and I'm trying my best to actually take out my camera to get pictures and record stuff.

The Capcom booth is the main focal point of the whole convention. You see the giant CAPCOM ring and people are just drawn to it. I've said in the past that New York is a Marvel Vs. Capocm 2 city and they came out in full force. It was about five to six deep of people watching the game and trying to actually get on and play it. SOME of the lines moved quickly, but most people were treating it like an arcade by following the "Winner stays, looser pays" so I had thought I'd get right on a machine but this guy just kept playing till enough people yelled at him to leave. But other people kept doing it too. I hope the Capcom Staff will make a little sign that says for BOTH players to get back on line when their finished.

Now onto the game itself. First thing that EVERYBODY said when they saw the character selection screen. "GOD DAMN IT!!" Yep, even though they had videos of Seth Killian demonstrating Tron Bonne, X-23, Albert Wesker and New York's own Spider-Man, Capcom was running the same build of the demo that was shown off at other previous conventions. Now I'm not going to complain because I did get to try the game but I was really looking forward to trying out that new batch of characters. The game still has a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom feel. Very floaty but yet plays nice and smooth. The game looks amazing when you finally see it up close. The game is pretty much what you expect with some twists. The game is still six buttons, three buttons for light medium and strong and two assists buttons. The sixth button is an air launcher to go up into combos. The one thing that many people had a hard time adjusting to was that you no longer hold down two buttons and hold back to tag out. Now you have to hold down on the character assist buttons and you will tag out. I didn't really care for it, but I think with time I'll learn how to do it. It's nice that most people are on an equal level now, but that will change this spring when the game drops.

Thankfully I was able to make it into the MvC3 panel. I got there an hour early and there was already a big line. It's a good thing I did because by the time I got in the door I heard one of the staff members say they only had three rows left. So a lot of people missed out. It was pretty much the same panel as the one they did at the SGCC. Basic overview of the game, Seth demonstrated the new simple mode for new players, took some fan questions (Best one: If this game does well will you make a Marvel Super Heroes 2?) and finally showed off two new characters. First up was Nathan Spencer from the new Bionic Commando. Before the gameplay was shown there were some boos. I wish they would have went with the old school Super Joe Bionic Command rather then the dreadlocks and hotdog armed Nathan. But the video of him was really cool. He can grab you from all the way across the screen and slam you. Lots of cool ultras as well. Finally we got to see the return of Ghosts and Goblins own Sir Arthur! He's got all of the weapons he had in the old game and can even power up his armor for bigger attacks and loose them all and run in his boxers.

The one thing they shouldn't have done was NOT announce the two Marvel characters. There was almost a bum rush to the stage when they tried to give away some t-shirts. But thanks to they have already leaked the two characters and since there's not a chance in hell I'd make it to the 10:30am panel, here they are! Magneto and MADOK will be joining the roster. I'm looking forward to seeing a video is MODOK in action. It's great to have a villain from Iron Man and I've loved playing as Magneto from the Children of the Atom days so he's great to see make a return.

I'll be back tomorrow night with more impressions of MvC3 and the other games at the convention. Take care!

The Capcom booth also had demos of Mega Man Universe, Dead Rising 2, Ōkamiden for the DS and Bionic Command Rearmed 2.

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