Monday, November 1, 2010

House of The Dead 4 (Classic)

I should have posted this yesterday for Halloween, but since 2600 has been bogged down by work I've decided to write up today's post for Monday with a classic video. This is a video from a few years ago of Sega's House of The Dead 4. As I said in the beginning we got A LOT of flack from this video when we posted it to Youtube. I still can not believe the amount of fans that this game has, and we weren't even really doing an all out bash on the game either!

I've played House of The Dead since the series came out in 1996. I'm even a proud owner of the cult hit, Typing of The Dead on the Sega Dreamcast (I WILL do a review of that one!) but for some reason HotD4 left me wanting more. I didn't like the new gun and how the zombies just burst into flames rather then being able to shoot off limbs and heads like in previous versions of the game. Also the bosses were REALLY cheap this time. They have very small weak points that you have to hit and if your not pixel perfect you loose a life, it's basically a way to keep you pumping money into the machine. Personally I'm more of a fan of House of The Dead: Overkill, but since that game's a Wii exclusive I won't be doing a review of it anytime soon. But I would have loved to see that game given an arcade release.

Well, until next time, have a good one and we'll be back with more videos, articles and more!

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