Monday, November 8, 2010

Site News

2600 here with some news about the Arcade Hunters site. We have bewn working really busy on some new ideas and a new site design that is cleaner and more easily to navigate. I have been busy working on html code to add these changes to the site. We have also been working hard on improving the picture quality of our video's as well as making our video's iphone friendly.

We have also begun discussing some new show and article ideas as well as providing more coverage of arcade related events. These will slowly be introduced on the site over the next couple of months.

We have also begun discussing new equipment for capturing more events when stuff happens. These upgrades have already begun with the purchasing of a light, extra battery, and an extension arm for our main camera. The money for these items came from the generous donations people made by either a straight donation, or by clicking on one of the sponsors of our video's. Remember, clicking on the ads on our video's helps us out a lot. Plus, clicking on the ads does not cost you a cent! We would love to get to the point where each one of us at least have a decent portable video camera to carry with us at all times for any potential arcade coverage.

Now for some dates. The new site design and layout will be launching by the new year with hopefully one of our new show ideas which we think everyone will love.

Be sure to check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for main updates and every other day for any important arcade related announcements.

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